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About Caz


GMC Entertainment Inc, Great Production, “Then Sean Met Khalid “


Born Curtis R. Brown, April 18, 1960 in The Bronx, NY

Hall of Fame DJ, World renowned MC, Lecture, Author, Historian, Host, Promoter, and Speaker.

GrandMaster Caz, started in Hip-Hop after witnessing DJ Kool Herc play in 1974.

Originally known as DJ Casanova Fly GrandMaster Caz teamed up with his high school friend Louie Lou aka DJ Disco Wiz and began his storied journey through the annals of Hip-Hop History. GrandMaster Caz and DJ Disco Wiz were in a Bronx park having DJ Battle in the summer of 1977 during the NYC BlackOut! 

In 1978 GrandMaster Caz would pen the Lyrics that would eventually be used in Rap Music's first hit song "Rappers Delight" by the Sugarhill Gang, inadvertently making GrandMaster Caz  "Hip-Hop's First GhostWriter"!

In 1980 GrandMaster Caz became Captain of the Legendary ColdCrush Brothers and they proceeded to become one of the most influential group in Hip-Hop's History.

Everyone from Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane, Will Smith, Rakim,Tupac, Nas, Biggie, Wu Tang, Freddie Foxx, Jay Z and more credit GrandMaster Caz and his ColdCrush Brothers as early influence and some have made their declarations on record....

"I'm overchargin ni**as for what they did to the Coldcrush"

 Jay Z

"Ain't Nothing Like The Old School" Tupac Shakur 


A Versatile Entertainer

Since the resurgence and interests in the early days of Hip-Hop, GrandMaster Caz has been a frequent Panelist, Speaker, Historian and Ambassador for the culture and an example of steadfastness and longevity. 

GrandMaster Caz has continued to re-invent himself and remain current in skill, know how and old school swagger and was featured on Grammy winning artists Macklemore and Lewis's first single off their 2016 Album. The song "Downtown" went platinum and the video featuring GrandMaster Caz, Grandmaster Melle Mel and Kool Mo Dee won a European MTV Video Award as well.


ColdCrush Brothers Weekend, Punk Rock Rap, Fresh and Bold, and more,

GrandMaster Caz Tuff City

The Judge


Mr. Bill

Count Basey

Casanova's Rap

I'm Caz

Get Down Grandmaster

Creston Ave

You Need Stitches

EP The Grandest of Them All

With DJ Parker Lee

Can't Fade Us Baby 

 Can't Do Me Nada

Mid Life Crisis LP

Subway Theme:   

Wildstyle Soundtrack


Melle Mel, LL Cool J, Macklemore and Lewis, Rahiem, Busy Bee, Prince Whipper Whip,Donald D, KRS 1, DJ Yutaka, Jazzy Jeff, Diamond D, Biz Markie, C Rayz, Kool Moe Dee, C&C Music Factory, Folis& RP, Haitian Starr aka MC Touch, Chuck D, Ice T, Filthee, Nas, and many more


Event Consultation

Schedule an event consultation with CAZ. Together, you can figure out what your entertainment needs are. You will also get tips on what to do to make your event shine. Plus, GrandMaster Caz can give you a heads up on what common planning pitfalls to avoid.

Planning a Trip to NYC, Contact GMC Entertainment for Personal time with GrandMaster Caz. We will also Travel to You For Special Events. $$$$  ONE LOVE

Booking Contact: Cora Brown 



GMC Entertainment Inc.

5 Brewster Street Suit 177

Glen Cove, NY 11542


About Caz


A Versatile Entertainer

MC, DJ, impersonator, Host, and more  —  GrandMaster Caz always the life of the party.  Caz has received accolades from both party-goers and professional groups alike.

Currently GrandMaster Caz has been taking tourists from around the world on Hush Hip--Hop sightseeing Tours of NYC and is the Host of the Tools of War Park Jams. Demand for interviews from media oultlets around the world and  demand for collaborations  from artists.  

  • DJ / MC
  • Lyicist / Author
  • Actor/ Host
  • Lecturer/ Speaker
  • Hip-Hop Historian
  • Promoter/Party Planner
  • Tour Guide
  • Artist Coordinator
  • Artist Booking


A Proven Track Record

GrandMaster Caz is prominently featured in the Netflix Documentary "Hip-Hop Evolution" and his Casanova Fly 

persona featured in Netflix series "The Get Down"

GrandMaster Caz has published a book of his lyric aptly titled"Written" and appeared in rapper/actor Ice T's directorial film debut "Something From Nothing, The Art Of Rap" in which Caz pen "HIP-HOP DIDN'T INVENT ANYTHING, HIP-HOP, RE-INVENTED EVERYTHING"  Original Grandmaster Caz Quote.

Tools Of War Park Jams; GRANDMASTERCAZ, Host For Ever. Thursdays 3:30pm-7:30pm

East Harlem. For More Details: 




Event Consultation

GrandMaster Caz has been recognized by the Hip-Hop community and industry as One of the Go To Artist and acknowledged for his many contribution to the Culture. 

A member of the DMC Technics DJ Hall of Fame, The Zulu Nation Hall of Fame and The Bronx Walk of Fame with Proclamations from the UN, Brooklyn Council Woman's  Office, The NYC Council, The Bronx Chamber of Commerce and two Bronx Presidents Adolfo Carrion and BP Ruben Diaz Jr.

GrandMaster Caz serves on the board of the Bronx Music Heritage Center, The Windows of Hip-Hop Advisory Council, Resident at The Andrew Freedman House and The Kennedy Center's Hip-Hop Council and Advisory Board! His name is synonymous with the words Hip-Hop, Pioneer and Legendary!

Current Events

@Forbes Recognition Of @WindowOfHipHop Has Partnered With @Bulova WatchMaker To Launch An Ambitious Plan That Will Change CountLess Lives In The Bronx New York. Bulova And Windows Of HipHop, Along With GrandMaster Caz And GrandMaster Mele Mel, Are Working To Build, Furnish, And Open The First Recording Studio Inside A New York Public School. P.S. 55 In The Bronx. HipHop Didn’t Invent AnyThing, Hip Hop ReInvented Everything. ONE LOVE 🔥☄️🔥☄️🔥🔥📀✨


Congratulations GrandMaster Caz On His New Audio Book Titled “Written “. Lyrics &Rhymes, Debuts September 17th, 2019. Now Let’s Have Fun, Passing Thee Mic, Like We Use To Do. HipHop Stand Up! Get Ready For The Social Media CYPHER. #CazPassTheeMicChallenge #PassTheeMicChallenge #PassTheeMic #CazPassTheeMic Go To FaceBook, Instagram, Or Twitter. Spit 16 Bars, Tag Three People, Post And #. Let’s Get Started. ONE LOVE


”Written “ By GrandMasterCaz


Artist Steve Cas, Designed Our Log And Also Gave Us A  Visual  Look At Lyrics, From The Book Of A Few Of Caz’s, On Page 79, Verse 3.

”I’m A BRONX Nigga And I Don’t Beg Your Pardon.

I Was Twelve Or Thirteen When HIPHOP Was Startin.

I Helped Lay The Cement And When The Concrete Hardened.

 I Watched HIP-HOP Grow Out This Concrete Garden”.

GrandMaster Caz Lyrics

see More Of Steve Cas @CAS_toon

GMC Entertainment Inc.

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GMC Entertainment Inc.

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